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Rhinofloor Evolution Plank Luxury Vinyl Tile | LVT | £33.99m2

How many packs will I need?
There is 3.600m² in a pack.
For herringbone we suggest adding 10-15% on for wastage.

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Sherwood Honey Plank is a realistic wood effect Luxury Vinyl Tiling (LVT). It is waterproof, durable, and long-lasting, making it a smart investment for your home. Additionally, LVT is comfortable to walk on and compatible with underfloor heating, producing more even heat distribution than ceramic tiles.

Brand Rhinofloor
Range Evolution - Plank
Dimensions 20 X 120CM
Board Edging Micro 4V Bevel
Installation method Glue down
Underfloor heating Suitable max 27°C
Vinyl Thickness 2.5mm
Wear Layer 0.55mm
Pack size 3.600m2
Warranty Residential - Lifetime

Product Details

The first floor to use innovative, fully digital technology to achieve exceptionally high definition surface visuals, scanned from real natural materials, Rhinofloor Evolution showcases what we like to think of as ‘Super-Natural Beauty.’

High definition authenticity adds an unparalleled touch of class to your home with a natural looking and genuinely remarkable floor.

We have poured all of our creativity and technical expertise into Rhinofloor Evolution to give you a floor which not only looks exceptional but also will be easy to live with and stay looking as good as new for many years to come.

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Design floors have changed…

Analogue’ design floors produced in the usual way are limited in their capability to produce a natural looking visual. This is why you would normally see the same features within the pattern appear several times within the same room.

…The secret of Super‑Natural Beauty

Our Digital Design Floors are engineered on a grander scale. Using a pattern four times the size of the ‘standard’.

50 unique planks means our artists have a bigger canvas on which to create our designs. We can be more adventurous with the detail knowing that pattern repeat should not be an issue.

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Stampede proof The Super-Natural Beauty of Rhinofloor Evolution is safeguarded by our outstanding RhinoMatt protective surface. Not only super-matt like the natural materials we replicate, RhinoMatt is also more stain and scratch resistant than ever before.</p><p>Designed especially to cope with the rigours of family life, RhinoMatt ensures your floor is always as easy to clean as possible. And, whilst it perhaps would not quite withstand a stampede of rhinos, we understand that sometimes life at home can throw down some pretty tough challenges.

Longer lasting envy

A Rhinofloor Evolution Digital Design Floor is something to take pride in.

We certainly do, and because of the perfectly detailed look and ‘stampede proof’ enhancements, your floor will remain remarkable for years to come.

This is why we are able offer a ‘Lifetime Wear Warranty’*, because beauty of this nature needs to be protected.

What more can we tell you? As if the Super-Natural Beauty of our Rhinofloor Evolution Digital Design Floors was not enough, there are actually quite a few other pretty cool things about this floor we should mention.

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